Feature Flags Made Easy

Decouple Product Deployments From Feature Releases

Modern release methods decouple deployments from feature rollouts. This gives developers, product managers fine grained control over features that will be released. Product teams are able to do gradual and partial rollouts of features independently from release schedules.

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Fine grained control over who sees your features

Feature Flags

Product teams can now seek validation from early adopters. Create a feature flag and test your features with a subset of your users. This helps product teams discover usability issues early and iterate before it is rolled out to all users.

Safer Deployments

Once your deployment is complete send out a probe and check for anomalies in your system. Opening up a feature for a small set of users reduces the blast radius and helps you avoid emergencies if there is a defect.

Management Console

With ProbeBeta™ Dashboard product teams can release features anytime directly from the dashboard. Privileged members can now roll out features or kill features without engineering knowledge. Dashboard also provides analytics and detailed summary of feature usage.

SDKs and APIs

ProbeBeta™ SDKs are available for all modern programming languages. Simply install the library, instantiate the library and you are ready to use it. For more details on how to use the SDKs check out the documentation resources.

Analytics & Metrics

Make use of build-in analytics accessible in the dashboard. Developers are now able to send custom metrics and evaluate features based on these metrics. Using these metrics product teams can test engagement, goals and run experiments on features.


ProbeBeta™ supports many of the tools that you already use. Third-party integrations, once enabled, allow teams to see insights in their favorite tools without any programming knowledge. We are working on these every day to stay on top of the upgrades.

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